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Getting started

To get started with you need to install the core module and base components:

npm install

and install the peers:

npm install

With React#

Bangle at its heart is framework agnostic, but it comes with first party support for React. To get started, run the follow command:

npm install

Build tools#

I have setup a repo to showcase how to use with various contemporary bundlers. Lets be honest, frontend setup is a nightmare 🧟‍♀️ and the last thing I want is someone fiddling with Webpack or Babel config:

Feel free to send a Pull Request for your favorite build tool. If setup looks good, head over to the examples!

❤️ Support for Vue is coming soon. Meanwhile you can either use vanilla Bangle Components or consider tiptap an awesome library which runs the same Prosemirror blood in its veins!



  • Bangle is currently in beta phase and we plan to iterate fast, bug fixes and many breaking changes. I would request you to try it out and use it in your side projects but avoid using it in production.

The Bangle eco-system#

The Bangle project is made up of smaller individual packages to fit a particular scoped need. You can find their documentation under the API section of the sidebar. Please keep the following things in mind when consuming any of the Bangle packages:

  • Only the packages with names starting require a React dependency.

  • Certain packages have a peer dependency on other Bangle packages, your package manager should help you install them.

  • If a package has a stylesheet, it will always under a file named style.css and can be imported by doing import